Saturday at ZFF: ‘Ivana the Terrible’ and ‘Monos’

The first Saturday at 17th ZFF will be marked by two intriguing films from the competition program. From Columbia, we have Monos, by director Alejandro Landes, which combines the genre of a war movie and a thriller to give a disturbing and hallucinatory vision of the chaos and absurdity of war from the adolescents’ perspective. The screenings are at Tuškanac Cinema at 9:30 AM and 18 PM.

In the same cinema at 12:30 PM and 8 PM we can watch a Romanian-Serbian film Ivana the Terrible, a comedy about a woman at the brink of a nervous breakdown in which director Ivana Mladenović plays herself. It was inspired by real-life event about an actress who is welcomed in her hometown as a star, but soon gossip starts. Ivana Mladenovic will present the film to the ZFF audience.

Our youngest audience will also get their fill this Saturday. At 11 AM, in Travno Cultural Centre in the program Bib for Kids we are screening Taiki, a movie by Dutch director Mirjam de With about little Bruno who must learn how to survive in the wild. The real world appearing in front of him will prove to be much more exciting and magical than the virtual one.

First Time at the Cinema, a selection of animated short films suitable for children at the age of three, will open the program at Dubrava Public University at 11 AM. In the evening, at 7 PM, we are screening The County, from the Together Again program.

The same movie by the Icelandic director Grímur Hákonarson is the first in this year’s program in the Museum of Contemporary Art (7 PM). The Great 5 program starts immediately after that, at 9 PM at the same location. The British hit Only You is an intelligent drama by the director Harry Wootliff which emotionally questions the survival of romance under fire from harsh everyday life and its pressures.

The side program Two Berlins: Film Across the Wall is starting in KIC Hall and it will mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. At 5 PM, there is a screening of Look at this City by the German documentary maker Karl Gass, and at 9 PM there is a short film Berliner Ballade, and the documentary The Wall by director Jürgen Böttcher which documents the process of transformation of the Berlin Wall from a symbol of the Cold War to a global tourist attraction and a curiosity.

At 7 PM, in KIC, we will see Fortress Europe by Želimir Žilnik. It is a docudrama about refugees of different nationalities who are trying to go West from Central Europe by crossing the border and breaking European rules.

The last Saturday movie (Tuškanac Cinema, 10:30 PM) is Ema from the Together Again program. The well-known Chilean director Pablo Larrain returns to Zagreb screens with a turbulent story about the human body, dancing, and motherhood. It revolves around a wild and intriguing dancer Ema whose marriage with a choreographer breaks down when they decide to return their adopted son after an upsetting incident.