Industry Youth!

ZFF Industry programs are usually focused on more mature film professionals. However, we also launched a separate program of student grants called Industry Youth!. In collaboration with film academies from the region, the program offers seven-day festival attendance grants to two students from each of the academies. In the collaboration between the Industry Program of Zagreb Film Festival and seven academies from the region – from Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Cetinje, Skopje, Zagreb, and Nova Gorica – 14 students and their 7 projects have been selected to participate in the Program and develop their short fiction films in intensive preparatory workshops.

Participants and projects

Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb (ADU)
Marko Dugonjić, Suzana Erbežnik (Thirst in the Moonlight)

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana (AGRFT)
Martin Anton Emeršič, Dejan Ulaga (Tempest)

Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo (ASU)
Almir Zoletić, Ismira Mašić (Five More Minutes)

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (FDU Beograd)
Anica Ražnatović, Anđela Zebić (Ivan Vasiljevich Had No Luck)

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (FDU Cetinje)
Andrija Mugoša, Iva Kasalica (Reverse)

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje (FDU Skopje)
Batuhan Ibrahim, Ajdin Islami (In One Night)

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (UNG AU)
Sagar Gahatraj, Carolina Silveira (In the Nation of Car Lovers)

You will find more about the projects at Industry Youth Pitching Forum page.