Masterclass: Emmanuel Corno

Interactive Empathy: Narrative Design for Video Games

14/11 | THURSDAY | 18:00 | Institut Français
Preradovićeva 5
open to public

The events are realized as part of Interactive Empathy, a gaming and citizenship project organized by Institut français de Croatie and Goethe Institut Kroatien, supported by Franco-German Cultural Fund.

The masterclass will discuss the tools that a young game designer needs in order to build convincing narratives. It will lay out possible approaches to giving meaning to game mechanics and tackle the question of whether a game can be a political comment.

The masterclass will be followed by a presentation of the games Empathy Path (Andrea Pleša & Matija Vigato) and There Is No Cure and That’s OK (Alma Trtovac), developed within the Interactive Empathy project under the mentorship of Emmanuel Corno and Gamechuck.


A game designer specialized in storytelling. Before writing for games, he studied computer science which is reflected in his mechanical and interactive storytelling approach. He broke into the game industry as an AI designer at Amplitude Studio. He founded his studio with former schoolmates to make Event[0], a science-fiction game heavily inspired by movies like Solaris, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Moon. The game has achieved both critical and commercial success. Currently, Emmanuel works as a freelancer while teaching narrative design at gaming schools. His last collaboration was with Accidental Queens on Alt-Frequencies, a mobile game about news (fake or not) and power.