Industry Youth! Pitching Forum

13/11 |  SATURDAY | 10:30 | F22
Frankopanska 22
open to public

The Industry Youth! program will conclude with a pitching forum for student projects in which young screenwriters and directors will be given the opportunity to present their projects to an international panel of representatives from regional postproduction studios, while the best project will be reward with some of their services. The pitching participants will have seven minutes for the presentation and seven minutes for Q&As.

The Pitching Forum will be accompanied by the screening of the film that won the 2017 Best Pitch, 19 Schaffarik Street by Lana Pavkov.


Partners and awards

Vizije – guidance, project development and three days of working in the studio on image post-production
Šesnić&Turković – creation of the film poster

Panel members

Tom Vujnović (Vizije), Goran Turković (Šesnić&Turković), Marta Fernandes (Midas Filmes)

Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb (ADU), Croatia

Marko Dugonjić, Suzana Erbežnik


Damjan, Zlata and their mother Elizabeta are the descendants of ban Josip Jelačić. They are also vampires. Though Elizabeta finds ways for them to survive without hurting the humans, sometimes it is at their expense. To spite her, Damjan moves out in order to start a revolution against the vampires.

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana (AGRFT), Slovenia

Martin Anton Emeršič, Dejan Ulaga


Walking around an old forest with his dog, lone hunter Cvetko encounters a seashell. Later, doing routine rounds, he finds more objects that do not belong there. He becomes paranoid and obsessed with finding the source of the mysterious objects. Until one night somebody steals his tools.

Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo (ASU), BiH

Almir Zoletić, Ismira Mašić


After a fight with her parents, Selma goes to a pub. She tells her boyfriend Dino she can’t go to college because her parents can’t afford it. When he objects, Selma storms out and decided to sell the necklace Dino gave her to pay for college. The admission deadline is that same day and she races to make it.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (FDU Beograd), Serbia  

Anica Ražnatović, Anđela Zebić


A man wakes up heavily wounded in the middle of the field. Drawing last atoms of strength, he drags himself to the nearest road hoping for salvation. Cars just rush past and he loses hope, waiting to die. However, a couple stops to help him, but along the way, they start having second thoughts.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (FDU Cetinje), Montenegro

Andrija Mugoša, Iva Kasalica


Jovan and Sanja leave for their vacation. On the way, Sonja suggests they could play a game to get to know each other better. As they slowly learn things about each other, the game starts to spin out of control and things might end really badly.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje (FDU Skopje), Macedonia

Batuhan Ibrahim, Ajdin Islami


Jill is an exchange student in Macedonia. Visiting a nightclub with her friend, she gets stomach pains and goes to the ER. The ER is in chaos because of a politician’s car crash. The doctor who examines her is also the man who gave her drugs at the club. He tells her she is pregnant, but she denies it.

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (UNG AU), Slovenia

Sagar Gahatraj, Carolina Silveira


An old farmer wants the kind of car his neighbour has so he gets a job at a carwash. The boss exploits him to the limit, but he still won’t give up. Sick with exhaustion, he damages one of the cars. To repay it, he must sell a piece of his farm. Losing his independence, he has to find a new boss.