Workshop: Storytelling for Television

10/11 – 12/11 | Croatian Music Institute

closed for public

DKE – Ured MEDIA Croatia in cooperation with DKE – Ured MEDIA Serbia is organizing a workshop by experienced professionals Hayley McKenzie and Kay Stonham from Script Angel company. The workshop will broaden the knowledge and understanding of participants for TV storytelling and the advancement of TV drama projects in the international market.

The workshop will focus on TV storytelling, the preparation of projects for the market, and finding co-producers. TV storytelling includes project evaluation with a special emphasis on its suitability for the TV format, as well as the genre in TV shows, character development, story actors, differences in structuring the series and episode story and their interrelationship, ideas for future seasons, location, setting, as well as the style and tone of the show.

The workshop will encompass a combination of individual presentations to all teams (a detailed analysis of individual projects and advice for their improvement), a joint discussion, and the time needed to develop every project.


Hayley McKenzie

Hayley McKenzie is the founder and director of the company Script Angel, which offers professional assistance in creating programs for scriptwriters. She has over 20 years of experience in feature film and dramatic series script development.


Kay Stonham

Kay Stonham is an award-winning scriptwriter, artist and film and media theoretician with over 40 years of experience.