Alice and the Mayor

  • Nicolas Pariser
  • France, Belgium
  • 2019
  • 105'
  • Alice et le maire

Paul, an ageing but sharp-witted mayor of Lyon, after many years in politics finds himself in an existential crisis. Once an ambitious politician, he has run out of ideas and the only thing keeping him afloat is the inertia of the political system in which people are too numb to notice. When Alice, a young philosopher from Oxford, arrives to interview for a job that no longer exists, Paul, seeing her as his last chance, offers her a position – her task is to provide the mayor with fresh ideas about the future. The unlikely pair set out on a political revolution. This quirky comedy won the Europa Cinemas Label Award, the most prestigious award of the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes.

Subtitles: HR, EN
The films are shown in NS Dubrava and KUC Travno without English subtitles.

Nicolas Pariser

Actor, scriptwriter and director. Author of short films Le jour où Ségolène a gagné (2008), La République (2010) and Agit Pop (2013). His feature debut The Great Game (2015) screened at Locarno and won the Louis-Delluc prize for best debut. Alice and the Mayor was awarded the Europa Cinemas Label Award for best European film by the European cinemas network.

Alice and the Mayor

Nicolas Pariser
Nicolas Pariser
Fabrice Luchini, Anaïs Demoustier, Nora Hamzawi, Léonie Simaga, Antoine Reinartz, Maud Wyler, Alexandre Steiger, Pascal Reneric, Thomas Rortais, Thomas Chabrol
Sébastien Buchmann
Christel Dewynter
Emmanuel Agneray
Bizibi, Arte France Cinema, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Scope Pictures, Les Films du 10
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival 2019 – Directors' Fortnight – Europa Cinemas Label; Filmfest Hamburg 2019

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