Gordon & Paddy

  • Linda Hambäck
  • Sweden
  • 2017
  • 65'
  • Gordon och Paddy

The forest chief of police, Gordon the frog, is about to retire and he needs to find his replacement. Paddy, a clever mouse with a sharp sense of smell, seems like the right choice. Together they try to solve Gordon’s last case – the mystery of a squirrel’s missing nuts. Were they taken by the crafty fox? Gordon and Paddy will soon find out. This animated adaptation of Ulf Nilsson’s children’s book premiered at Berlinale in the Generation Kplus program.

Dubbed in Croatian

Linda Hambäck

Swedish film director and owner of the production company LEE Film. She works mainly in animated films for children, such as Bajsfilmen (2016) and What If (2014), which she co-directed with Marika Heidebäck. She also directed a short documentary, Fighting Spirit (2013).

Gordon & Paddy

Linda Hambäck
Janne Vierth
Goran Vrbanić, Nikica Viličić, Hrvoje Perc, Darin Pavišić, Dunja Trupeljak, Sandra Hrenar, Nikola Uršić, Costa Ipsa
Elinor Bergman, Gabriel Mkrttchian
Elinor Bergman, Linda Hambäck, Hannes Knutsson
Lina Jonsson, Linda Hambäck
LEE Film, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television
Festivals & Awards
Berlinale 2018 – Generation Kplus; Film Fest Gent 2018; BFI London Film Festival 2018; Filmfest Hamburg 2018; Zurich Film festival 2018

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