Small Forest Stories: Rain

  • Veronika Fedorova
  • Russia
  • 2017
  • 3'
  • Malenkiye lesnye istorii

Short woodland stories about friendship and how all of us on this planet are so much alike, but nobody is as good a tracker as the tiny fox!

No dialogue

Veronika Fedorova

Graduated in animation directing and computer graphics from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (2003). As a student, she made the animated films Auntie Winter and The King Is Forgetting. She was a director and artist for the projects Lullabies of the World, All Year Round, Good Luck and Literal Stories.

Small Forest Stories: Rain

Veronika Fedorova
Veronika Fedorova, Olga Sivakova-Vasina, Elizaveta Skvortsova, Georgy Gitis
Olga Sivakova-Vasina, Alina Natakhina, Kristina Poplavskaya
Sergey Selyanov, Georgy Gitis
Animation Studio Skazka

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