Look At This City

  • Karl Gass
  • DDR
  • 1962
  • 85'
  • Schaut auf diese Stadt

This contentious documentary uses authentic archival footage and newsreels in order to justify the construction of the Berlin Wall on 13th Aug, 1961. The film depicts West Berlin as the centre of neo-fascism, terrorism and neo-colonialism against which the peace-loving citizens of East Berlin have to rally and take drastic antifascist measures. Through dynamic and innovative editing, this markedly modernist propagandist piece presents an alternative history of Berlin after WWII. A provocative and informative Cold War era time capsule.

Subtitles: HR

Karl Gass

Was a German documentarian and one of the most interesting and controversial directors from East Germany. Made over 120 films and produced almost all of DEFA studio’s documentaries and was one of the most prolific propaganda filmmakers of the DDR.

Look At This City

Karl Gass
Karl Gass, Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler
Hans Dumke, Hans-Eberhard Leupold
Christel (Hemmerling) Gass
Gerhard Abraham

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