The Wall

  • Jürgen Böttcher
  • DDR
  • 1989/90
  • 98'
  • Die Mauer

This poetic and enigmatic documentary, relying exclusively on sight and hearing, is a contemplation of the historic and symbolic significance of the Berlin Wall. The camera captures both the crucial and the seemingly banal moments of the turbulent last days of the infamous structure and its demolition. Excavators, curious tourists and excited masses all drift amongst the rubble, with the backdrop of constant murmuring and incessant mass media reporting. This unconventional masterpiece reflects the soul of Berlin in a tumultuous historic moment when it became, overnight, a united city once again. The Wall depicts Berlin’s transformation from a Cold War symbol to a global tourist attraction.

Subtitles: HR

Jürgen Böttcher

German director and painter. Author of over 50 documentaries. He was banned from completing his only fiction film, the masterpiece Born in ’45 (1966), while the existing copy was banned for screening by the German government and only saw the light of day in 1990.

The Wall

Jürgen Böttcher
Jürgen Böttcher
Thomas Plenert
Gudrun (Steinbrück) Plenert
Deutsche Film (DEFA)
Festivals & Awards
BerlinALE 1991 – FIPRESCI Prize; European Film Awards 1991 – Special Mention

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