• Mirjam de With
  • The Netherlands
  • 2018
  • 86'

All nine-year-old Bruno wants is to spend his holidays playing video games and hanging out with his digital friend Taiki. His parents have other ideas and decide that everyone needs a nice holiday outdoors, disconnected from technology. But, exasperated by Bruno’s tantrums on the way, they make him get out of the car to cool off by the road. When they return a few moments later, the angry child has already disappeared into the Swedish forest to teach them a lesson. His parents’ vacation turns into a nightmare, while young Bruno has to learn to survive in the wilderness. The real world opening before him will prove much more exciting and magical than the virtual one ever could.

Subtitles: HR

Mirjam de With

Dutch director whose short film Mina Moes (2011), screened at ZFF in 2016, won awards for best film at Oberhausen and children’s film festival, Giffoni. It was followed by feature TV films Op de Dijk (2016) and Get Lost! (2018). Taiki (2018) is her third feature film.


Mirjam de With
Karin van der Meer
Pepijn van der Sman, Jennifer Hoffman, Tibor Lukács, Linde van der Storm
Goert Giltay
Herman P. Koerts
Annemieke van Vliet, Robert Post
Fiction Valley
Festivals & Awards
BUFF Int'l Film Festival 2019

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