Holly On the Summer Isle

  • Karla Nor Holmbäck
  • Denmark
  • 2018
  • 13'
  • Holly på sommerøen

Holly is bored at Grandpa’s. She wants to go exploring, but Grandpa says there is nothing left to explore. One night, she sees a luminous rock fall from the sky on the other side of the island. Along with Turtie the turtle, Holly goes on a magical exploration to find it.

Subtitles: HR

Karla Nor Holmbäck

She was born in 1991 and received her education from the National Film School of Denmark. Works as a writer, illustrator, director, graphic artist and animator. She directed the short films Iben, Snore and the Snail and Holly on the Summer Isle.

Holly On the Summer Isle

Karla Nor Holmbäck
Karla Nor Holmbäck , Mie Skjoldemose
Signe Hyltén-Cavallius Toksvig, Lars Knutzon, Rasmus Botoft, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Lars Brygmann, Mathias Skov Rahbæk
Karla Nor Holmbäck
Karla Nor Holmbäck
National Filmschool of Denmark

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