Venice International Film Festival – Horizons

For the third consecutive year, I am very pleased to present to the audience of Zagreb Film Festival an excerpt of the films that had their first ever premiere last September at the 76th Venice Film Festival. Every year we select 12 to 14 films from all over the world to compete in our Orizzonti Corti section. The program consists of what we believe is the best and most varied contemporary cinematic short film experience, comprised of films of under 20 minutes in length. Despite being a small section within a much bigger festival, historically devoted mostly to feature film, quite often by celebrated authors – at Orizzonti Corti shorts we want to present those directors who will one day be the masters of tomorrow. The selection is often quite diverse in terms of genres or country of origin, while this is the first time we have managed to present a program that consists of male and female directors in equal numbers! In the selection process, our primary concern was, as always, the quality of the selected works.

Enrico Vannucci
Programmer of the Horizons Short Film Progra