Austral Fever

  • Thomas Woodroffe
  • Chile
  • 2019
  • 21'
  • Fiebre Austral

Amanda, a complaisant and lonely woman in her forties, lives with her 16-year-old son Daniel in the mountains of southern Chile. When Daniel’s friend Octavio is accidentally injured while hunting in the forest, Amanda takes care of him and the two develop an intimate bond. They discover that the contact with the wound produces an addictive pleasure.

Subtitles: EN

Thomas Woodroffe

Director and DOP. His short film Holding Desire (2018) premiered at FICUNAM. He was one of two cinematographers of the short film The Summer of the Electric Lion, which won first prize in Cannes Cinéfondation (2018) and the NEST prize at San Sebastián.

Austral Fever

Thomas Woodroffe
Thomas Woodroffe, Camila Aboitiz, Gabriel Goicoechea
Francisca Gavilán, Nicolás Sobarzo, Roberto Villena, José Soza
Emilia Martín
Camila Aboitiz, Gabriel Goicoechea
Rodrigo Díaz, Joaquín Echeverría, Pascual Mena
Brisa, Apolillado

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