Sh_t Happens

  • Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf
  • Czech Republic, Slovakia, France
  • 2019
  • 13'

A caretaker worn down by life, his frustrated wife, and one utterly depressed deer. Their shared despair leads them to absurd events, because… shit happens all the time. It is a strange world of unexpected coincidences.

Subtitles: EN


Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf

M. Mihályi studies animation at FAMU in Prague. She works as an independent animation artist and illustrator. D. Štumpf is in his graduate studies, also at FAMU. His film Cowboyland screened at festivals such as Annecy and Anime Mundi.

Sh_t Happens

Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf
Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf
David Štumpf
Katarína Pavelková
Peter Badac, Patrick Hernandez, Véronique Siegel
Production, BFILM, Bagan Films, FAMU

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