Natural Selection

  • Aleta Rajič
  • B&H, Croatia
  • 2018
  • 10'

The Woman-Doe is a living sculpture trapped in urban spaces of boredom and melancholia, and in the utopian museums where she works. She finds entertainment in pretending to be a human and posing as one (cleaning, drinking coffee, smoking, sleeping). But problems arrive when signs of animal rage begin to appear on her forehead in the form of horns.

Subtitles: EN

Aleta Rajič

Scenographer, animation artist and director born in Čapljina in 1990. Natural Selection is her second film. For the last nine years she has been on the organizing team of NAFF, Neum Animated Film Festival.

Natural Selection

Aleta Rajič
Aleta Rajič
Aleta Rajič (DOP & animation)
Sanja Rajič-Banjac
Sanja Rajič-Banjac, Vinko Brešan
Studio Neum, Zagreb film

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