• Ralitza Petrova
  • Bulgaria, Denmark, France
  • 2016
  • 99'
  • Bezbog

Gana lives in a remote town in Bulgaria where she works as a caregiver for the elderly suffering from dementia. With the extra money she makes selling her patients’ IDs on the black market, she supports her unemployed mother and sustains her own morphine addiction. Her love life seems equally in shambles. Nothing seems to faze her, but when she hears her new patient’s music, Gana starts to feel guilty and becomes increasingly afraid of punishment. The film won a series of awards in Locarno, including the ones for Best Film, Best Actress and Critics Award for Best Director.

Subtitles: EN

Ralitza Petrova

Lives and works between England, Bulgaria, and France. Her films have won acclaim at festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and Toronto. She won the Prix UIP for Best European Short Film at Berlinale (Rotten Apple, 2007). Her short film By the Grace of God premiered at Cannes. Godless is her debut feature.


Ralitza Petrova
Ralitza Petrova
Irena Ivanova, Ivan Nalbantov, Ventzislav Konstantinov, Alexandr Triffonov, Dimitar Petkov
Krum Rodriguez, Chayse Irvin
Donka Ivanova, Ralitza Petrova
Rossitsa Valkanova, Eva Jakobsen, Katrin Pors, Mikkel Jersin, Laurence Clerc, Olivier Thery Lapiney, Philippe Akoka
Klas Film, Snowglobe, Alcatraz Films, Film Factory
Festivals & Awards
Locarno Festival 2016 – Golden Leopardfor Best Film, Best Actress, Boccalino d'Oro Independent Critics Award for Best Director, Ecumenical Jury Prize; Warsaw Film Festival 2016 – FIPRESCI Prize; Darajevo Film Festival 2016 – Special Jury Prize, Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress

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